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PSTALENT Voice DepartmentIt’s that time again! Time to dust off those cobwebs and bring out those mics! Bring your voice on over to the Voice Department and let your voice be heard!
We’re presenting an opportunity to PST members who are interested in developing their voice skills and applying that skill to our productions. For us to be able to use your voice, a professional microphone is required. If you’re new to voiceover, please take time to watch the video below and learn how to get started.
If you would like to join the fun, please let us know by leaving a comment below or send the Audio Director a private message here: Kozzzmo.  Thanks!
The following video is intended for talent that is new to voiceover.



  1. Profile photo of Cliff
    Cliff 5 years ago

    DOD and Koz should already have my demos, but if I need to resend, it wouldn’t be a problem.

  2. Profile photo of AlanB-70 (Associate Director)

    I’ve already sent in an audition mp3. Should I try again?

  3. Profile photo of Carlos (xX-OSM-BOOM-Xx )

    i’ll voice over

  4. Profile photo of ILLUSION
    ILLUSION 6 years ago

    There’s a USB microphone adapter from SHURE. = Use any XLR mic 😛 Just saying. Right now my mic’s a sony condenser — that plugs into my mic port. The SHURE is on my wishlist. Hmmm…. maybe step it up a notch one day, recording studio….. (do a machinima production, with not only real mics but with all the bells and whistles and ADR n Foley capabities. – Perhaps later.) Skype…. hmmmm; maybe I’ll actually have a use for it now. One suggestion, Kozzmo feel free to correct me – An omni directional mic would be a bad idea (pics up all the background noise) and yeah the windscreen (critical). I want to say unidirectional but that’s not quite right. If you can – try out a few mics; they’re like instruments and two of the same brand and type can sound different. Buy the best that you can afford.

  5. Profile photo of URZU
    URZU 6 years ago

    Urzu reporting
    If I can be of service, I am willing to help you in any way I can.

  6. Profile photo of XxCuteCupcakexX
    XxCuteCupcakexX 6 years ago

    I would love to participate! I’ve been wanting to voice act for quite some time now, and this would be a huge goal for me to achieve!

    Thanks PST! (:

  7. Profile photo of JAKE Banks ( xX-OSM-BOOM-Xx )

    I’d like to do a voice over even tho im young i think i could help 🙂 I’m a rookie so i might b shy but i’ll help

  8. Profile photo of StephieRawks
    StephieRawks 6 years ago

    *Raises hand* Ooh me me me! Pick me!!!

  9. Profile photo of Diagos1
    Diagos1 6 years ago

    Ive been wanting to do voice overs for a while. My family always said i should. I even took a corse at a community collage 1 summer. I’m always making voices and playing around with my family. Ive been told i have a voice for radio, probably a late night slow and deep voice, my favorite impression is the movie phone guy 😀 I’d love to see what you guys think. I enjoy having fun with different voices.

  10. Profile photo of ♔darkan12nl♔
    ♔darkan12nl♔ 6 years ago

    I am not shy 🙂

  11. Profile photo of Coco/Nic (Casting Director) Author

    Yay!! 😀

  12. Profile photo of CORISUcat-Publicity
    CORISUcat-Publicity 6 years ago

    FUN! I can’t wait!!

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