Is your Home wardrobe strange, scary, even monstrous? No? Oh. Then you should probably click here. But if that DOES sound like you, read on!

I am currently looking for dedicated actors with a penchant for creative costuming and access to several different outfit / costume ideas for an upcoming project for PS Talent. The theme is monsters, but creative application of dissociated clothing items can often lead to an even more inspiring role than some ready-made outfits.

The time and date is to be determined, but please leave a comment if you are interested.

  1. Author

    Thanks for the replies everyone! We completed our first scene on Sunday night, but will be shooting more for this project very very soon!

    Currently we are still in need of actors playing “cultists”. That is to say, wearing dark robes, hoods, etc. They should be as unobtrusive as possible for the scene, so nothing floating / flying, and no bizarre swords or weapons or otherwise ostentatious items. These are people, ultimately, and not monsters. Just crazy cultist people, so please keep that in mind when designing your costumes!

    I will be in touch soon to share further information and when we will begin the next shoot. And, for those who come up with great costumes – especially my cultists – you may be used again as a recurring character in an upcoming series!

  2. Lizardwrestler99 12 years ago

    I have some scary outfits and one of those flying animations. Will that be of use?

  3. Mika 12 years ago

    I will be ready for the next one:)

  4. Author

    Thank you to all who came out for casting and wardrobe last night, the response was overwhelming. Remember, filming will begin next Sunday at 7pm EDT / 4pm PDT. Please try to arrive on time to avoid unnecessary delays. If you have any questions before then let me know!

  5. ITCOB1 12 years ago

    Just a quick note to let you know I finally registered.

  6. FireHouse822 12 years ago

    I’ll try out for it.

  7. StephieRawks 12 years ago

    You know I’m in!

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