Hey everyone! TrooperK here inviting all to help in creating a video for Halloween. There are just a few things you are going to need, having all items gives you priority to be picked. If you would like to be apart of the video. Send me a message, PSN: Trooper001K


You will need the following items:


  • Pumpkin Head & Stem Arms
  • Halloween Costume (With Bag) – Be Creative in your costume, fully bodies are okay, as long as we can see your avi’s figure. So no mech robots.
  • Casual Clothing – will either be tuxedos and dresses, or t-shirts and jeans.
You don’t need all these items but having all is very helpful.

There will be a meeting this week:

  • 2 Meet Times, 12pm & 8pm PDT Friday, meet and greets.explain the schedule. Check wardrobe (You Don’t need to attend both)
  • 2 Meet Times 12pm & 8pm PDT Saturday,for those who couldn’t make Friday’s meeting will be brought up to speed this day.(You Don’t need to attend both)
  • 2 Meet Times 12pm & 8pm PDT Sunday, Shooting (Please try to attend both)



Happy Halloween!


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  1. PSHomeFlo2 12 years ago

    oops we missed this one, too busy with other stuff, but i bet it will be hilareous! Have fun!

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