Free SFX is a great source of royalty free sound effects.  They have many categories of sounds to choose from.  User’s can upload and/or download any content for any purposes as long as you comply to their license agreement.

So, are their services actually free you might ask.  The answer is YES, all content is uploaded by users who gave permissions for their work to be downloaded and used.  The content listed on their site can be used in pretty much anyway you can think of just be sure to read their “End User License” just in case.  Also each link has a copy of the license linked along with it for viewing if there’s any question at all.

Have some SFX of your own you would like to upload?  You can do that too as a registered member you can upload anything you want as long as it is your content and you are the copyright owner.  If interested click here or the banner at the top of this post.

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