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Hello PST Actors!

I am happy to announce a fun and exciting casting call* for a PSTALENT production set to broadcast in a January on PlayStation Home! And … it’s a WESTERN!
First and foremost, the shooting takes place this Saturday starting with wardrobe check at 11:30 AM (Pacific Time). Shooting starts at 12:00 noon and will last until 3 PM (Pacific Time) and you are required to be present the entire shoot. A recap is below.
This is a wild-west (about 1850’s) themed shoot and you are required to wear ‘western’ wardrobe from head to toe. No budget is set for wardrobe. If you decide to purchase something on your own, please show us what you have before you buy. We understand exact wardrobe my not be available so try to put something together that will resemble the real thing.


COWBOYS: Cowboy hat, spurs, guns (nothing modern), jeans, chaps, boots, bandanna around neck, vests, mustache, rope (wearing a cowboy hat, vest, chaps and ‘sneakers’ will not work. You must be fully dressed as a cowboy) Please no black (reserved for lead role). NO earrings, glow items, or anything that is ‘obviously’ not of the era.
SALOON GIRLS: Wild West (1850’s) Saloon Girls wore brightly colored ruffled skirts to their knees which were considered very high during that era. Their arms and shoulders were bare, their bodices cut low over their bosoms. Feathers in their hair, bonnets and even hats. NO glow items, halos, or anything that is ‘obviously’ not of the era.
Some roles may have already been assigned but this is the entire cast list.
  • (6) Drunk Cowboys
  • (6) Parlor Girls (Working Girls)
  • (6) Dancing Cowboys (requires K-Pop Dance or Cowboy Dance locomotion).
  • (6) Dancing Parlor Girls (requires K-Pop Dance or Cowboy Dance locomotion).
  •  Bartender (male)
  • Cattle Baron (male – a cowboy)
  • Young Kid (bartenders son, barback)
  • Molly (female parlor girl)
  • Wally (cowboy – must have locomotion fight)
  • Bill (black themed cowboy outfit – must have locomotion fight)
Additional roles may cast based on script changes.


  • Please join: CLUB N2 (please make room for 1 more additional club)
  • Date: Saturday, December 29, 2012
  • Start time: 11:30 AM Pacific / 1:30 PM Central / 2:30 Eastern PM (Wardrobe Check)
  • Duration: 3 ½ hours (over by 3:00 PM Pacific)
*If you are interested, please leave a reply below.
A FINAL NOTE: For those of you, who have never participated in one of DOD’s films, please be advised:  He’s really fun to hangout with but when he’s on set, he’s no different than any Director in the movie industry; he is focused and professional – and requires you to be the same. The Director will shoot a scene 1000 times until he gets what he wants so please pay attention and have patience. There will be several breaks. When on set, please keep focused on the Director. And finally, all lead roles must be able to hear verbal instructions. The only person talking on set is the Director unless a specific question is asked.
*You must be a registered member of PSTALENT.COM to participate.
Thank you SO MUCH!

UPDATED 8:37 12/28/12

  1. BADBUNNY 11 years ago

    it was an amazing shoot i enjoyed it soooo much as my first project with DOD , and the amazing PSTALENT cast.

  2. JRM29M 11 years ago

    oh cool i love to be part of it hope ill get in with you girls if i get pick ill be there

  3. TC915 11 years ago

    Man sorry i missed this one,.. cowboy stuff is about all i wear, lol my cowboy boots & hat never come off in Home,.. if for any reason you need to redo a scene please contct me!!

  4. Lizardwrestler99 11 years ago

    I have an additional outfit for the working girl part. The Noble Woman dress, which I completely forgot I had. if there are additional scenes planned for this production, I would be happy to participate.

  5. Since this is my first shoot I have been able to attend I really enjoyed casting for the video, I thought it went really well and everyone did a perfect job in their roles, hope that timing for other shoots is similar to this one so I can see you all again.. 🙂

  6. Lilnicki330 11 years ago

    You did not ruin it stuff happens

  7. Dazzy 11 years ago

    Nick told me what happened, I feel so bad knowing that I ruined the whole thing:(
    I guess that machinima just is not my thing, not if I’m going to pass out and wake up on the.

  8. That was a fun shoot. Went smoothly, and everybody did such a great job!

  9. Wylds 11 years ago

    western yeehaw

  10. joejoe 11 years ago

    i have quiet a few western wear so ill b glad 2 help

  11. sue 11 years ago

    kool count me in

  12. StephieRawks 11 years ago

    I’ll be there! 😀

  13. Augh I have a wedding to attend tomorrow! It seems like every casting call I’ve ever seen for DOD’s videos have been on times where I’m busy. Are you doing this on purpose, Coco? (Suspicious eyes)

  14. Dazzy 11 years ago

    I want to try for Bill:)

  15. Dazzy 11 years ago

    Ah yes, now I know what they are. Thanks.

  16. Atom Republic

  17. Lizardwrestler99 11 years ago

    This ought to be fun. I make a good saloon wench

  18. Dazzy 11 years ago

    Im confused… Was this today? Am I late?
    If not then I have the fighting locomotion, plus a cowboy outfit and the K-Hop dance moves, but whats the cowboy dance moves?
    Well, whatever it is I can pick it up if needed.

  19. Trisha 11 years ago

    I got the perfect cowgirl outfit for this I think and I got the cowboy/cowgirl dance moves too! YAYS! This gonna be fun! ^__^

  20. Trisha 11 years ago

    O snap! I’ll be there!

  21. Krissie 11 years ago

    I’m interested i will see you guys tomorrow finally able to participate more!!! YAYY!!!!

  22. Joanna 11 years ago

    I already have Club N2 on my club list by the way.

  23. I do own the cowboy outfit the sherif looking one and the k-pop dance moves.. tomorrow I’m free all day and night here so i should be able to get to this one for the first time 😀 ill post it on my twitter too for you guys and spread it around a little to people I know off here 🙂

  24. Joanna 11 years ago

    Sounds like fun. I’ll probably need to buy the dance moves. Talk to you tomorrow.

  25. Author

    You guys.. I will accept your club invites early in the morning! 🙂 ALSO… be sure to SPREAD THE WORD to other fellow PST MEMBERS so that they may have an opportunity in this.

    Thanks a Bunch!

  26. I’ll be there. Probably interested more in bartender, cattle baron, etc. You know you can count on me.

  27. king_of_games30 11 years ago

    I should be available

  28. SunnyPath 11 years ago

    Grrr… Im sorry i would only have 4 hours available, as I am going to my brothers to celebrate Christmas with his family. Hopefully next time.

  29. Author

    Also, the filming DOES NOT start at 12 noon… I am calling all actors so that they can be prepared to filmed when it is time. I DO NOT have the exact time in which the filming will begin.

  30. Author

    I’m not sure… however, I do know that it will take time so if you have it … GREAT!

  31. SunnyPath 11 years ago

    How long will this take?

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