May 6th Film Shoot



Film Shoot 5/6Join us on Sunday, May 6th for a video commercial shoot in PlayStation Home! All Actors on deck! This is sure to be one of the most amazing Home commercials ever produced and the start of an exciting new season!
Who: The Casting Director – Cocobaby_84
Directed by: DOD
What: Video Commercial
Where: Location to be announced
When: Sunday, May 6th
  • 2pm – 3pm Pacific (wardrobe and instructions)
  • 3pm-5pm Pacific (on location – filming)


If you wish to participate, please be sure to have one of the following names on your friends list: Cocobaby_84, DIRECTOR_ON_DUTY. We will meet in a public space at 2:00 pm and once we are done checking wardrobe, you’ll be given specific instructions and then we’ll transfer to the filming location.

Once at the location, 100% attention is on the director. Please be sure you’re not disctracted during the shoot. Shooting large crowds like this can be tricky and we all know how DOD is about getting that perfect shot.

For Wardrobe:

  • Dress normal and conservative (like what you see in the real world).
  • Men:  No Suits of any kind.
  • Do not wear animated clothing like jet packs, glowies, fires, big heads, animals (no pets), etc.
  • Do not wear clothing with logos. Exception:  SONY, HOME or LOOT logos are okay.

Total time will be 3 hours (1 for wardrobe check, 2 for shoot). Should all go as planned, the total time should be less. Please comment below if you have questions. Again, this is the start of the season and you can expect many more shoots to come: 15 episodes, 2 more commercials all in the next 60 days. It’s time to make you famous!


  1. Trisha 11 years ago

    YAYS! Thank YOU Director and Nikki too for the opportunity and I’m looking forward to the end result! 😀

    It was very encouraging to see so many of us stick thru all the freezing so we would still have plenty of people. It was also great to see such a great turnout with all our fellow members. Had fun seeing everyone and doing the shoot. Looking forward to the next one too! 😀

  2. gamer_316 11 years ago

    I left after I froze about 6 or 7 times, honestly if server freezers wanna keep ruining events then theres no point to keep tryin cuz freezing constantly is REALLY annoying

  3. Wylds 11 years ago

    ty had fun doing it

  4. Author

    I have cleared away some spots on my friends list! Those who didn’t get a chance to film this past Sunday and would like to film with us this Sunday (5/13), please feel free to send me a friend’s request. If you can not send one, please message me through XMB (PS3) to let me know you who you are and that you would like to participate! To everyone else: Great job!! Thank you for participating! Hope to see you all again soon! 🙂

    ~Casting Director

  5. Author

    Yay!! I think it went smoothly after we finally got past the freezing.

  6. The Director 11 years ago

    After we got past the technical issues, the second half… You guys did AWESOME!!! I am really happy with the footage and I’m sure everyone will be amazed. EXCELLENT JOB CREW!

  7. The Director 11 years ago

    I am sorry I missed your message… Had I seen it I would have made room. If you can make it next week, let me know and I’ll make sure your on my list. Thanks! Again… Sorry.

  8. SEE (SeeImage_inc) 11 years ago

    I would like to join in on this! But, Cocobaby_84 & DIRECTOR_ON_DUTY are full… Is there any more room?

  9. The Director 11 years ago

    It’s really going to be a WOW commercial!

  10. Awsome 🙂 hope ‘ll b able to help ayway i can alwsys free

  11. Sounds so exciting 🙂

  12. WINCHESTER__88 11 years ago

    i can make it for sunday

  13. Author

    The same statement for me as well. 🙂

  14. Author

    You can add either me or the Director 🙂

  15. Author

    Nice! See you there! 🙂

  16. The Director 11 years ago

    Great. When I sign on, I’ll look for you. 🙂

  17. The Director 11 years ago

    Yes, the Spotlight is coming back. We start casting VERY soon so keep on the lookout! This commercial shoot is for something new… and exciting 🙂

  18. The Director 11 years ago

    My Friends List: For those who are currently on my DOD name, at 2 pm on Sunday, if you are not present in Home, I’ll be forced to delete you to make room for actors who want to be in the shoot.

    Please understand, I’m not deleting you because I don’t like you … I’m doing it to make room. If you cannot make it, please add PS_TALENT_AGENCY or DIRECTOR_1 and that way you can stay active on future events.

    If ever I delete anyone from the DOD name, it’s only to make room for a new shoot. Again … Don’t take it personally; it’s the only thing I can do when it comes to giving everyone the opportunity to be in a video. Thanks for understanding. ~ DOD

  19. sue 11 years ago

    amazing cant wait for this finally hopefully i’ll get to be in something .. cococ ? i have u on my list thanx

  20. Eve 11 years ago

    Do we add you on PSN to be able to make it to the shoot???

  21. Author

    I am also making room on my list! If you can’t send me an add please let me know!

  22. Tinkerbell 11 years ago

    0.0 exciting hehe whos bestt 2 adds or imma to lates : (( YAY 4 PST ^__^ x

  23. quasar338 11 years ago

    Count me in PsTalent ! I’ll be dressed and ready togo as always , hehehe Now my mind not to sure of. lol

  24. JRM29M 11 years ago

    ill be there 🙂

  25. Dяєαmσℓιαh 11 years ago

    yes 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  26. The Director 11 years ago

    Great! See you there 🙂

  27. The Director 11 years ago

    hey Dream. I made some room … send me a request yes?

  28. Jin Lovelace 11 years ago

    I will be able to male it for sure. Thank you, DoD.

  29. The Director 11 years ago

    I’ll make room. Thanks.

  30. gamer_316 11 years ago

    Coco or DOD u guys got room on ur FL 4 me to add one of u? lol

  31. oldcatsrock 11 years ago

    OMG. I can make it !!! Happy Cat dance!! 🙂

  32. The Director 11 years ago

    Easten times would be:
    5pm – 6pm (Eastern) Wardrobe check
    6pm – 8pm (Eastern) Shoot

    Hope that works for you 🙂

  33. The Director 11 years ago

    Yes. Sounds great.

  34. Aiden 11 years ago

    So the filming will be at 6 to 8 pm eastern? If so I hope I can make it, I’ll be excited if I can! XD

  35. SlowCreeper5_ 11 years ago

    Can i wear my sony t-shirt with tatoo on the arms? or i can wear my loot jacket w/ loot hat and with matching pants and shoes.

  36. Lilnicki330 11 years ago

    lol srry this is going to be exciting

  37. Lilnicki330 11 years ago

    this is going to be exiting see you all there

  38. Trip 11 years ago

    yey see ya there

  39. Trisha 11 years ago

    Sounds fun! I should be able to make it. See yall there! 😀

  40. URZU 11 years ago

    Hope to get off work early for this, ( ^ ^ )/

  41. Lizardwrestler99 11 years ago

    Commercial? Does this mean The Spotlight is coming back? If so, I gotta give this a try.

  42. Lilnicki330 11 years ago

    i only have animus on my friends list i sent DoD friend request tho

  43. Dяєαmσℓιαh 11 years ago

    i really really want to go, what i do if i dont have anyone in my friendlist? i hopz to help 😀 😀

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