May 5th



CONGRATULATIONS to the following members for winning a $10 PSN card!

Buswicked – Firehouse822 – COCOBABY_84 – S.S Shjon – Trip – URZU-1 – gamer-316 – DreamOliah – Solo-Wing-Pixie – Joanna_Dark


Solo-Wing-Pixie for winning a limited edition PSTALENT hat!

See you next for the 2nd Annual Pinata Hunt!


What are you planning on doing this Saturday? How about joining us here for the first Cinco De Mayo Pinata Hunt? This is a safe way to celebrate the day, in the comfort of your own home, free from all those crazy cerveza drinkers. All you need is a long stick, a blindfold and we’ll do the rest:  

Who: The Director invites you!

What: Cinco De Mayo Pinata Hunt

Where: PST Website General Chat Room

When: Saturday, May 5th – 3pm – 5pm Pacific

Why: Because it’s Cinco De Mayo!


Cinco De MayoJust like the Easter Egg Hunt, we’ve decided to do it again with Pinatas! Join us on Cinco De Mayo and hunt for pinatas and tasks where you can win a $10 PSN card. Tasks may include:

  • Calling a phone number and being the right caller
  • Twitter
  • Youtube hide and seek
  • Email
  • And more

This hunt is for members of PST only! (Sorry fans) Only 1 winning card per member. PSN cards are for the U.S. region only but members from all regions can play and win.  If you have questions or suggestions on how to make this a fun and exciting day, let us know by posting a comment below.

See you at the hunt! ~ DOD


  1. quasar338 9 years ago

    Sorry but, I’m trying to use Chat and nothings happening. Not one text is going through on it. It seems to lock up when i try and use the chat room

  2. SlowCreeper5_ 9 years ago

    i love pinatas 🙂 viva la mexico! lol wait you said blindfold i’ll try finding it like that lol jk that’ll be hard i’ll try to find it. what number do we call? see you guys on cinco de mayo.. orale.

  3. Trisha 9 years ago

    Sounds fun and should be a good study break for me 😀

  4. Author
    The Director 9 years ago

    Very cool! Thanks 🙂

  5. Trip 9 years ago

    Yey awesome DOD! ty i cant wait 🙂

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