1. Cliff 11 years ago

    when are you available, akuma?

  2. Author

    lol nice, well like I told Cliff I just need a male voice actor. when are you available to talk and do you have skype? I need to hear you both so I can decide on who gets it basically 😛
    just a simple audition

  3. Author

    baiscally I need a Male voice actor

  4. Author

    Do you have a decent mic and when are you next available to talk? also do you have skype?

  5. Author

    Thanks to all who replied. I need one male and one female voice actor, The video has already been shot and mostly edited but need the audio now to finish things up.

  6. Trooper001K 11 years ago

    You know you got me in your boxing corner,let me know what needs to get knocked out! Haha the jokes are flowin today =P

  7. Miss T 11 years ago

    i may b able to help u akuma

  8. Cliff 11 years ago

    Just tell me what you need, Akuma.

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