I already have a dozen people on this project. That is the max amount of people I can send a PSN message to at once, and is a more than sufficient amount of people, so this casting call is closed to anyone not already on-board with it. For those of you who are in the cast, I’d like to thank you for your patience. I am trying my best to arrange a time everyone can make, but that is easier said than done. It takes a while for me to communicate with c4spinn to get the right time, and there have been a few miscommunications. My assistant director also has a bit of an unusual work schedule, which makes us have to choose times that may seem unreasonable to others, but sometimes end up being the only option for him. Please stay tuned for updates on the shoot.

If you want to be an avatar actor/actress in this film shoot, you must add both the Director (AlanB-70) and the Assistant Director (c4spinn) to your friends list.

Avatar Casting:

Brad and Jane – The concept image for these characters are displayed at the bottom of this post. Slight variations are allowed, though you should try to match this image as much as possible. However, you may change the hairstyles so that they look like more appealing, without having an unrealistically high-maintenance look (beehive hairdos, pink hair, etc.). The Screen Siren hairstyle is a possibility for Jane, and hairstyles from Lockwood may work well for Brad.

Zombies! Lots of Zombies! – Hoping for at least 6 zombies, but the more the merrier.

Voice Casting:

I need one female voice actor for the part of Jane. She needs to have a standard American accent. Jane is a young woman who can be mature, but also can be a bit too much of a dreamer. USB microphone required. This voice actress will have a separate time and date at which we will arrange to have a Skype meeting to discuss voice acting, but she will record her vocals on her own time afterwards.

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    ill be available then.

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