UPDATE: BlackMamba, c4spinn, and quietturtle have all expressed interest in acting as body doubles for me. For now, I will only focus on these 3 unless the need for more arises.


I intend on putting my own avatar in a few of my videos. Though the active camera now allows the owner to walk in front of it, operating the camera puts limitations on my avatar, such as not allowing me to type text so my avatar can make conversational gestures. For this reason, I will regularly need one or more body doubles for my avatar for certain scenes.


Availability (I’m not expecting you to adjust your schedule for my sake, just be online enough so that you show up for more than just our initial meeting.)

Attention-To-Detail (I normally have Troy Hair, MIB Sunglasses, Dapper Button-Down Shirt, Regular Trousers, and Smart Shoes. For more info, see my picture in my “Introducing… Me” blog post. We’ll discuss build types later.)

Direct-ability (One, this means you have to be good at paying attention to, understanding, and following directions. Two, if you cannot handle acting calmly and maturely any more than 15 minutes, this position is not right for you.)

If interested, add me on PSN. My ID is AlanB-70, same as here. Include the message “I want to be your body double.” with your friend request. If we are already friends, just send me the same message. From there, I will arrange to meet with you on Home so we can get you to imitate my avatar down to the last pixel. Comment below if you have any questions.

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