BLOOPERS! By Members

Here are some of the best pictures I’ve received from members. If you see a BLOOPER going on, snap it and send it. You may see it posted on this page.

The POOMAN by Heavenshell

“The last thing the POOMAN had to eat was some leftovers that were in the trash. He’s 54 years old and he was walking around and needed to poo really bad. He squated next to the car and did his thing. He didn’t even clean himself!”


Pooman By Heavenshell

Pooman By Heavenshell


  1. Profile photo of Trisha
    Trisha 7 years ago

    ewwwww gross LMAO. Has this guy heard of depends? ROFL

  2. forexst_ra_tegies 8 years ago

    I am definitely bookmarking this page and sharing it with my friends.


  3. Profile photo of Coco/Nic (Casting Director)

    thats a crazy pic!

  4. Profile photo of Azizaka
    Azizaka 8 years ago


  5. Profile photo of Sel <3
    Sel <3 8 years ago

    thas nastyy but funny lol

  6. Profile photo of dewaynehamilton
    dewaynehamilton 8 years ago

    Security needs to be tighter at ghost busters hq. Lol…

  7. Profile photo of bishonenbatman
    bishonenbatman 8 years ago

    y is there a bum in the ghost busters house lol

  8. Profile photo of kilo
    kilo 8 years ago


  9. Profile photo of heavenshell
    heavenshell 8 years ago

    So cute LMAO

  10. Profile photo of P_Birdie
    P_Birdie 8 years ago

    turdman!! haha

  11. Profile photo of anGiieRawrPandie
    anGiieRawrPandie 8 years ago


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