Black and White Party

Another FUN party they say? Yes! You’ve heard right!


What: Black and White Party
When: Friday, July 20, 2012
Where: Club N2
Time: 6 pm pacific/ 9 pm eastern
For Who: Everyone is invited!
Send club invite on the day of the party. Make sure you wear black and white before entering the party.


If you have any questions, please contact COCOBABY_84. See you there… in your formal wear!


  1. Profile photo of Coco/Nic (Casting Director) Author

    A special thank you to those who came! It was a blast! COMING SOON: THE HOT RED PARTY!

  2. Profile photo of Coco/Nic (Casting Director) Author

    Party in 5 minutes! Send invite to join us!! 🙂

  3. Profile photo of Comic
    Comic 6 years ago

    Sounds rad. Plan on being there

  4. Profile photo of SCarverOrne (Associate Director)

    Sounds like fun, I’m in!

  5. Profile photo of Coco/Nic (Casting Director) Author

    Yes that is acceptable! See you there! 🙂

  6. Profile photo of Trisha
    Trisha 6 years ago

    YAYS! Ready for another great party! WOOT! ^__^

  7. Profile photo of Lizardwrestler99
    Lizardwrestler99 6 years ago

    I can wear my black dress and white arm wraps, is that acceptable? I can temp-remove a club to get in

  8. Profile photo of Coco/Nic (Casting Director) Author

    It’s that time again!!

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