Akuma Prince Associate Director

Welcome to my new blog here on PSTALENT!

I have been making videos on my own mostly posted on my youtube channel but also on a few various
websites over the last year.  This will be my first time posting any of my videos on PSTalent though so here’s to that.
I do a variety of different styles, mostly horror and comedy with the occasional horror/comedy lol always a good blend.  So, from now on this will be the main source of where my videos will be posted so I hope you all enjoy and as always any and all feedback, good or bad, is appreciated.
And keep in mind if you have an affinity to horror and/or comedy drop me a message who knows maybe we can work together on a project.

 -AkumaPrince, Associate Director


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  1. Cliff 12 years ago

    Akuma, next time you need a voice, just let me know. I could have easily filled the role of the Old English speaking male you were looking for, but I JUST saw the posting. Sorry I’m so new to this site, or I’d have snapped that role up. I’ll try to keep my eyes on any voice castings, but I might miss some. I do all kinds of different, distinctive voices. Just let me know what you need, and I’m your guy. Sorry I missed it.

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