[wpaudio url=”http://playstationradio.com/phone_home/phone-home-episode-2.mp3″ text=”Phone HOME – Episode 2″ dl=”http://playstationradio.com/phone_home/phone-home-episode-2.mp3″]

Phone Home - Episode 2

Hosted by: Guru AkumaPrince
Special Guest Guru: Trevor (F9R9A14)

Call Topics:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Group Chat Features / Forum Threads
  • Cross Region Visitation Rights in Public Spaces
  • Watching Movies in your Hollywood Personal Space
  • How to submit Grief Reports

Member produced Commercials:

  • The Homelings – Written by GeneralNos, performed by KoZzZmo (The Voice of Home)
  • Thanksgiving in Central Plaza – Written by Animus_Reqieum, Performed by KoZzZmo
  • Dragon’s Green – Written by The Message of the Day – Performed by KoZzZmo

Special Commentary by Director_on_Duty on Harassment

Music Artist of the Week:
IKE Productions
[wpaudio url=”http://playstationradio.com/artistmusic/ike_megatrance.mp3″ text=”IKE Productions – Mega Trance” dl=”http://playstationradio.com/artistmusic/ike_megatrance.mp3″]

More Ike Productions



Phone Home Episode 1 

Phone HOME has arrived! This production has been one of the most difficult projects to date so I apologize for the delays.

I am happy to announce AkumaPrince as the host of the show, the “HOME GURU” and a special thanks to Cynella for being the guest co-host, “GUEST GURU” and to everyone of the callers and shouters including Keith Medlin for his awesome voice, IkeProductions89 for amazing tunes and Jonnie Mack for his hit, In this Land.

This episode is a bit shorter than planned but the longer I wait, the shorter it gets. Huh? lol. We want you to participate. I’m hoping you will enjoy our pilot episode, enjoy it so much that you’ll come on board for the next episode.

Your comments are extremely important. Please share your thoughts below … Good or bad, you need to help us shape this show into the envy of all gaming platforms. Thanks so much! ~ DOD

[wpaudio url=”http://playstationradio.com/phone_home/phone_home_ep_1.mp3″ text=”Phone HOME – Episode 1″ dl=”http://playstationradio.com/phone_home/phone_home_ep_1.mp3″]

I also wanted to personally thank and commend Ray (BeleiveInFate) on doing such an outstanding job on this video. Just in case you haven’t seen Phone HOME – The Video, you can see it here:



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