The Director

Founder/Executive Producer

For professional services/inquires, please contact the Director via email: Contact

In consultation with the Department Directors, DOD selects and sets the agenda for all video and audio productions. Working closely with the Writing Directors, once a video project gets the green light, DOD issues the various production tasks to the Department Assistants for completion. Tasks may include avatar casting, wardrobe, locations, voice acting, additional writings and so forth. On the day of the filming, the Assistant Directors kick in and relay instructions from DOD to the acting crew. Once all footage is captured, DOD isolates himself and renders a final production.

Although he has a busy schedule, DOD tries to make himself available to socialize and play games with members of PSTALENT. The Directors profile: @admin


Casting Director

Cocobaby_84 a.k.a. Coco

Avatar Acting Auditions

Special Events Coordinator

Coco has been with PSTALENT.COM since the inception and has participated in almost every production. Because of this experience, Coco is responsible for the popular aspect of video production, which is casting. Each production is unique with needs, but casting is not unique when it comes to responsible talent. Her number one requirement in casting a role is responsibility. In addition, true commitment, full engagement, and a history of active participation with the PSTALENT.COM community are also top requirements.

Acting roles are posted on the site when casting is needed, which will include any specific audition instructions. When not working on a casting project, Coco will be scheduling events such as wrap parties, video premiers and other community events. Contact


Kozzzmo - Audio DirectorAudio Director

Kozzzmo a.k.a Koz

Voice Auditions Training & Rehearsals

Radio Commercial & Video Game Voice Productions

If you hear his voice, you’ll know why Koz is the Audio Director. A true professional in the field of Voice and Radio, Koz has a proven track record when it comes to audio production. Just like the Casting Director, he is responsible for casting voice actors. In addition, Koz will coach and develop actors via voice rehearsals while giving honest feedback with constructive criticism.

Responsibility is key with voice, experience is not. Koz understands most members don’t have real life experience when it comes to voice acting but because he has the passion, he is more than willing to help those who want to learn. Practice makes perfect and practice is what Koz will expect. The Audio Department is the single most valuable skill where members can learn and develop for a true profession as voice talent in the real world. It is an experience worth its weight in gold. If you would like to participate in the voice department, please contact Kozzzmo. Contact


Animus_ReguiemWriting Director

Animus_Requiem a.k.a. Req

Script Structure/Story Line Development for Video

Commercial Scripts for Audio

If you’ve heard any of the PST radio commercials, chances are Req wrote them. A dedicated and responsible member with the insight of HOME, he has the professionalism and creative skills to bring it all together. Req knows exactly what is needed when it comes to script development. A producer and director by nature, he maintains the writing department like a fine-tuned engine by collaborating with the other writers to create unique and creative scripts. Once you have pitched your idea to Trevor, seek Req out if you want to take your idea to the next level. Contact


Headshot Director

URZU-1 a.k.a. URZU

PST Executive Director

Visual Promotional Projects

You only have seconds to make the right impression on casting directors and agents and that’s where URZU our Headshot Director comes in. He wants to make sure you look your best for your first headshot and the best you shall look! Holding the title of Headshot Director is just one of his hats, he also produces his own projects for PSTALENT. He is the man with the action plan, so check out the headshots page and leave him a message or  Contact


Communication Director

StephieRawks a.k.a. Stephie

PST Executive Director

 Stephie is among one of the most talented directors. Her success in planning social events has earned her the Executive Director spot! Not only does she make videos, but she throws awesome parties as well. When she is not busy doing her own filming, she makes time to help all other Directors with their projects. If you are wanting to help with her videos or if you want to party hard, Stephie is your woman.Contact





Nat has been active with PST for over a year and half. He’s been very helpful in directing others on how to find things and how to participate in events and castings. This is why he is the EU Community Director. Not only does he help direct, but he also helps get the information out in the EU region. If you need help finding anything or need to know anything, he is your go to man.Contact

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