Episode 3.1 Coming Soon To Community Theater
Silver Screen Extravaganza Is The Next Highly Anticipated Event

Palm Springs, CA – August 8, 2011- The journey of the spaghetti-stricken Director has begun. In just a few short weeks, Episode 3.1 will launch showing the next steps of what has happened to the Director after having slipped on a piece of spaghetti. The last show had ended with the Director being whisked away by the ambulance and Kozzzmo, the Host of The Spotlight, left alone wondering where everyone went.

After the last premier, the Golden Ticket Event, had concluded, the main site of PSTALENT.COM was updated for members and non-members to vote on the procedures that the Director should take. This approach allowed for additional participation within the website, in addition to allowing any site browser to take part in deciding the next steps for The Director. The number of visitors on the website boosted, giving the agency more exposure towards the machinima videos that have been produced in the past.

For Episode 3.1, the Audio Director, known as Kozzzmo, said, “Episode 3.1 had the most actors (avatar and voice) of any production so far!! The professional way that all of the actors handled themselves on set and during the voice over recordings was so amazing!” Joanna Dark also commented, “PSTALENT.COM is run like a production company from what I can see and it’s extremely special…. I feel that user generated content is so very important for Home to be what it can be. Home can be such a fun place when you have the opportunity to interact with others and to be part of a production like this. DOD (The Director) and PSTALENT.COM productions are the highlight of the Community Theater in my view.”

The next event, which PSTALENT.COM is now famous for, will also be set on the day of the release. Silver Screen Extravaganza is now the next highly anticipated event, which has become the talk of the PST members, as well as PlayStation® Home community members. These events are now known for filling the community theater public space quickly to its capacity, due to its successful launch and popularity. Attendees have been known to schedule time off from work to attend, as well as advanced planning to ensure that they are able to log into the space.

This next episode launch date at this time is still unknown, but Levi Vincent, The Director, has hinted that it will be soon. “At this time, the date is still tentative. However, the best place to find out firsthand is directly on our site. As soon as the date is finalized, it will be posted, and email communication to our members will be sent out. Stay tuned for it!”

PSTALENT.COM produces exclusive video content for SONY PlayStation® HOME Network and offers real-world film-making experiences in a virtual world environment. This agency comprises of writers, producers, photographers, actors, and many more, all from the Home community.
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