Press Release 7-21-11


PlayStation® Home Members Get A Taste of Hollywood

Gold Ticket Event Arrives in Community Theater on PlayStation® Home

Palm Springs, CA – July 21st, 2011 – PSTALENT.COM is showcasing their latest episode of the Community Theater series called The Spotlight Episode 3.0 and is launching the premier with a formal gathering called, Gold Ticket Event, in the lobby of the Theater, starting at 5pm Pacific Time.  Attendants will meet the Founder of PSTALENT.COM, Levi Vincent, also known as The Director, as well as the other stars of the episode.

This is similar to the last gathering, Red Carpet Event, which showcased PSTALENT.COM’s Episode 2 The Spotlight Featuring Who’s Who of Home™ launch along with a guest appearance from PlayStation® Home Community Manager famously known as GlassWalls. Many participants arrived at the event, causing the theater to max out quickly, and deterring many more from being able to enter the location right away. “It was frustrating but impressive that so many people were eager to attend the event. My judgment call: Worth it,” said DominionAtrix87, a frequent PlayStation® Home member.

Due to the last event filling up quickly, many members have commented that they will arrive earlier at the event this time, in order to gain entrance into the theater. “So many want in, but only so many can get in. Get there early or be prepared to be on the outside trying to look in “said Cocobaby_84, Casting Director.

“Our team had really put in the effort to communicate the change to everyone that we know. This is about setting the stage for a good show and having a good time. It’s about our actors that are being featured in the show, everyone that put so much work into producing this and making sure they are recognized for the work. It is also about all of our loyal members and fans that have supported The Director and PSTALENT.COM over the years.  We want to take the time to celebrate everyone.” said CorisuCat, Publicity Director.

With the countdown clock on PSTALENT.COM home page ticking away, many more tweets, and status updates have posted and anticipation is building. The quote from The Director sums it all up: Are you ready for the party of the century?


PSTALENT.COM produces exclusive video content for SONY PlayStation® HOME Network and offers real-world film-making experiences in a virtual world environment. This agency comprises of writers, producers, photographers, actors, and many more, all from the Home community.

The “PlayStation HOME” logo is a registered trademark of, and is used under license from Sony Corporation. PSTALENT.COM and the PST logo is a registered trademark of PSTALENT.COM, LLC (A California Limited Liability Company)

Event: PSTALENT.COM Gold Ticket Event

Location: PlayStation® Home Community Theater

Time: 5pm Pacific Time



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