PlayStation®Home Commercial Has PSTalent Seeing Green
User-Based Production Team Launches First Home Commercial

Palm Springs, Calif., October 20, 2010 – PS Talent Agency (PSTalent.com) today announced the release of their first “Gaming” video commercial: Dragon’s Green. Dragon’s Green is an awe-inspiring, full-length fantasy mini-golf game available exclusively in PlayStation®Home, a virtual 3-D social community on the Sony PlayStation®3 platform.

Well-known within the world of PlayStation®Home, PSTalent draws on the writing, production and performance skills of its volunteer members to create videos within the Home environment. The group won the recent Aliens vs. Androids Machinima Contest sponsored by Loot, a division of Sony Pictures Entertainment, and caught the eye of PlayStation®Home’s North American production team.

“Game commercials are not so different from short films. In a minute or less, you need to take the viewer on a journey that will make an emotional impression long after its viewing. If the audience becomes emotionally connected, the core of advertising is achieved and you can sell just about anything,” said PSTalent founder and producer Levi Vincent, better known as Director_On_Duty.

PSTalent hopes to position itself as a resource for game developers and other advertisers to promote their content within Home and in other venues, drawing on their deep connection to the Home community to create compelling in-world and online advertising. The new Dragon’s Green commercial demonstrates the level of polish and professional quality that can be achieved in the Home environment.

As with other PSTalent productions, all of the Dragon’s Green video was captured within Home, utilizing actors who are sometimes separated by thousands of miles. Offline post-production and voice acting adds broadcast-quality production value to the finished video.

“From a production standpoint, Home offers everything that real-world production offers, including green screen, special effects and animation,” Director_On_Duty said. “It also allows PSTalent to merge the talents of community members spread throughout North America, something that would be very costly to do in the real world. As a production platform, it has tremendous potential that we’re just beginning to tap.”

About PSTalent.com
PSTalent.com turns the world of PlayStation®Home into a virtual movie studio by bringing together writers, directors, producers and actors to create short videos, radio shows and commercials. Their video, “Aliens vs. Androids: The Fight for Freedom” took first place in the Aliens vs. Androids Machinima Contest sponsored by Loot™and Sony Pictures. For more information, visit their site at http://PSTalent.com.


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