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As the hours neared the event, I took the time to look around and speak to a few PST members who were also preparing themselves and putting together their finest attires. While conversing with them, I asked what their expectations were and what they are looking forward to the most. One answered “I think it’s going to fill up fast.” I couldn’t agree more. Much like the last event, there is no doubt that this one would be packing over a population of 3 servers, if not more. It’s highly expected that one should believe that it will be difficult to squeeze in that wonderful event. Can you really blame them? I couldn’t.

Our founder, the Director himself, also had stated “My email had immediately lit up like a Christmas tree.” Judging by that description he made about his email, there was no doubt that people were going NUTS for this nearing event day by day. So much so that many could not contain themselves, preemptively praising on DoD’s and everyone else’s hard work that they’ve put into this episode. I felt just the same. Seeing what PSTALENT.COM has to offer and the entertainment they present to us all is truly a gift worth remembering and cherishing.

I certainly appreciated our dedicated PST Security Crew, who have helped keep everyone organized during the event, and continued to do what they do best. You make us proud guys!

Overall, I too began to feel chills down my spine, aching to see what was in store for us all. If anyone had to ask me what my expectations were, I’d have to answer something quite similar to the first one I’ve quoted, which was how swiftly the theater would most likely be packed. But if I were to describe it even further, I’d have to say that gatherings, like these, most DEFINITELY top off flash mobs any day. Hehe! I’m hoping to see new faces and familiar ones as well. Nothing is better than to see a whole community, like ours, gather together in this spectacular event.

After the video had finished playing, I asked a few people, both PST members and non-members alike, about what they thought of both the episode and the event all together. And their answers couldn’t be more epic and satisfying than Hamster Jelly. Lol. What answers did they give you ask? Well, from a two word description, one had joyfully described mr. walkerthis episode and event as “Awesome” and “Funny”. I absolutely agree! This episode truly was well devised and put together brilliantly, connecting the plot from last episode to this one. While it was so intriguingly awesome, I kept wondering what other clever plot devices they have in store for us. Only time will tell. And at the same time, I couldn’t stop laughing at how these characters played their roles so well.

Another member had also given me a two word description. She called both this event and episode “Exciting” and “Entertaining”. Now that’s what I’m talking about! To enjoy this grand event in such an enthusiastic way was so inspiring, even for me. It comes to show that even if an episode wasn’t up, we’d still enjoy the fact that members have come together to meet new friends from PST or even speak to the starring cast members of the episode itself. It was all the more special to have gotten the opportunity to speak with all our beloved members and PST administrators. The episode alone was indeed entertaining, as well as the plot itself. Much like how this PST member has described it, “I was so much entranced by the entertaining comedy and plot that played out so elaborately”. Yes… Truly it was very entertaining for us all.

When it comes down to it all, this whole event, along with the entertaining episode of The Spotlight, was SPECTACULAR all together. The people, who attended, were great. The gathering was fun and everyone meeting new faces or familiar ones was certainly a sight to behold. Much like how these people have provided their two word description of both the episode and this event all together, I would also like to give my description of it as well.

The best way to contribute my two word description of this entire event is: Spontaneously GLORIOUS!

Spontaneous: For being so unexpectedly wild, yet fantastic for all together with such an amazing responses from our viewers, whether PST members or new comers alike.

Glorious: For this entire event to have been such a success. I couldn’t have been more impressed by it all.

It leaves me utterly in astonishment, making me crave for more and looking forward to the next episode. All in all, I am more than certain that the rest of you feel the same way I do when I say: This is only the beginning.

Well done, PSTALENT.COM! Well done!

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