Red Carpet Night in Review by @Corisucat

The first ever Red Carpet Event kicked off for PSTalent with a bang! When I arrived, the theater lobby had a long line that stretched from the door of Theater 10 all the way to the other door on the other side. Messages were sent back and forth about the lobby being full. People arrived looking sharp and beautiful in their formal wear. So much excitement and anticipation ran through everyone!

EPISODE 3.0Inside the packed community theater, episode 2 launched into the interview with the Director. Additional clips of the Bikini Calendar 2011 and The Junk played with everyone laughing alongside the video. Many comments passed back and forth. “That was hilarious.” “Wonderful job DOD!” and ” This is so funny!”

Then, the special guest of the evening arrived: Glasswalls. That caught everyone’s attention. He ran towards the front of the theater, and everyone followed, wanting to get a photo with him. As soon as he stopped in the corner, he was completely engulfed by everyone.

Photos were taken everywhere, with Glasswalls posing ever so patiently for each person that approached. One of the main highlights was Glasswalls and Spaghetti Guy posing together. When I asked him what he thought of this event, he said, “I’m loving this little gathering. I’m so impressed that the PSTalent group came out! It’s always fun to see everyone.”

What an honor it was to have Glasswalls join us on our very first special event! A PSTalent member commented that tonight was “eventfully wild!” I would absolutely agree. It was a great turnout and definitely a night to remember!

Thank you to all that came out and supported us at this premiere event! It wouldn’t have been the same without you!


Director- DoD, Casting Director-COCOBABY_84, and Publicity Director-CorisuCat

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And now, the moment you’ve ALL been waiting for….



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