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PSTALENT Entertainment is a licensed PlayStation®Publisher and develops downloadable digital merchandise to further enhance a gamer’s virtual world experience. The company produces exclusive video entertainment for the SONY PlayStation®Network casting members from PlayStation®HOME, a 3-D virtual world where over 30 million gamers puppeteer a personal avatar to socialize, play games and star in PSTALENT movies. All PSTALENT merchandise, including avatar wardrobe, props and mini-games are available for purchase on the PlayStation®Network.

The company also maintains a Media Broadcasting Partnership with SONY and actively broadcasts its original films and community-generated films on various media and in-game platforms throughout PlayStation, including the PSTALENT Community Theater, a virtual walk-in movie theater and the PSTALENT On-Demand Movie Channel on virtual television sets. Audiences throughout North America and Europe can enjoy PSTALENT presented entertainment at any time, free of charge. PSTALENT movie screenings, premiere parties and other special events are some of the most popular activities that take place in PlayStation® and are attended by thousands of fans world-wide.

Outside theater

2015 promises to be a year of great success for PSTALENT; the production of broadcast television quality entertainment will lead the way with full episodes, professional writing and polished productions.  Creating, developing and publishing interactive worlds, games and social applications will provide platforms for audience participation and enjoyment, to further our broadcast reach to extend beyond the PlayStation®platform; on every tablet, smart phone and television, in every home, in every country, at any time.



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